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I am a ceramist, not a writer, and I think that a good work should speak for itself. Therefore I prefer showing my work with little explanacion. Sometimes I give the work a title, mainly in Dutch, my native language. I will translate the titles but a lot of time they stop making sence.

On the other hand I do like to describe how I made the work and which materials I used. I hope this will help other creative people.


Summer 2016 I joined a workshop given by Rafaela Pareja where we learned to prepare porcelain mixed with paper fibres. Due to the fibre the casting clay clay shrinks less and makes the piece more elastic. This way it makes it possible to dipp in organic objects, wich will burn in the kiln.

Dipping in gives a fast and nice result but you loose a lot of details.  I decided to brush the clay on just one side of the leaves and flowers.

distel thisle china paper clay  simone immink

Distel (Thisle) size 36x24x10 cm

Porcelain with paperfibres, stoneware base with glaze.


Narcis (Daffodil)

Size 32x18x4cm

Porcelain paper clay on cherrywood background.

More China paper clay works

For me modeling by hand is the most liberal way of creating. My amorphous creatures are based on feelings and try to expess moods. But they can also be figurative and lately I am looking for a combination.

Kwaaie kont (angry ass)

Size 26x 24 x 24 cm.

Modeled with stoneware clay, finished with a terrasigilata ans fired at 1260 degrees.

Casting clay makes it possible to make light objects an strange form But sometimes I take a mold from an existing form like my friends feet or a big balloon.

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