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Before starting art school I studied two years at a ceramic crafts school. Followed by working for a potter.  At those moments that I am not able to concentrate on my sculptures I love to retake my crafts skills.  


Ceramics is an activity with endless possibilities One of the latest tecnics I learned is to mix china casting clay clay with paper fibres. 

Due to the fibres the casting clay, the clay shrinks less and makes the piece more elastic. This way it makes it possible to dipp in organic objects, wich will burn in the kiln.
Dipping in gives a fast and nice result but you loose a lot of details.  I decided to brush the clay on just one side of the leaves and flowers.

Simone ´s studio

In 2004 Simone Immink decided to move her small ceramic studio from Amsterdam to the middle of Spain. Where she continues her free work , realises assignments and gives clases. 

Latest News

From 11 to 15 of September I´ll be participating at the 41 Ceramic Fair in Valladolid (Spain) 

Upcoming Workshop Strings.
Satuday 10 August 12.00-13.30 

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Calle Real 54, La Losa, Segovia, Spain 


Phone: 0034 648051700

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