About me


At this page I could just put my C.V. But first I would like to mencion something which is to be said not done in a porfolio.


In 2005 I gave birth to my first son.

Becoming a mum made a big change in my life and art work.

It certainly did´t help the productivity, First of all because I had a lot less time but also because it was very dificult to centralize on art. So for a few years I concentrated more on my crafts work.

On the other hand I don´t think I would have been able to make sculptures like "Ooievaar ´s zak" (Stork´s bag),(still in proces) or "miskraam" (miscariage).

Ooeivaars zak (still in process)


A while ago I read an interview with Tracey Emin about motherhood being an artist and being a woman. It sounded very familiar.

In dutch we say that the children are pulled out of the clay. (waar komen de kinderen vandaan?; die worden uit de klei getrokken)

My boys were pulled out of me but grew up in clay. I might have lost a lot of time not making art but I realy enjoyd playing and teaching all ceramic skills to my children.

Now they are bigger and I am back sculpting and designing.

Meanwhile I teach and take orders.



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