Making sculptures is the best way to express my inner feelings. Clay is a perfect material to make round shapes. The incitement is to create tension in an almost amorphous form. By combining shapeless with human body parts the sculpture becomes more alive. 
Sometimes they are funny but other times they express sad happenings in my life.

Eénrichtings gesprek groot jpg
Eénrichtings gesprek detaile luisterend groot jpg
Eénrichtings gesprek detaile schreeuw groot jpg

One way-direction dialogue

In a certain period of my live I had the feeling that I couldn´t speak out loud. But it is not in my nature to become quiet. When I felt really overruled again I decided to express my frustration in a sculpture. I love Hans Bellmer´s line drawing and got inspired by them. Therefore, I decided to use the string technic. 
This sculpture is made out of stoneware and finished with terrasigilata before being fired at 1260 ℃. 

Ooievaars zak jpg groot
Ooievaars zak detaille jpg
Ooievaars zak zijkant jpg
Ooievaars zak knoop jpg

Stork´s sack

Where do the babies come from? Motherhood took a lot of my time when my children were young. In exchange I got inspired to make Stork´s sack. Like in many of my other works I combined figurative details with amorphous forms. Personally I find this work lightly erotic with a wink.

This sculpture is made out of stoneware and finished with terrasigilata before being fired at 1260 ℃. 

kwaaie kont jpg
kwaaie kont detalle jpg
kwaaie kont zijkant jpg
kwaaie kont achterkant

Angry ass

I made this work in a difficult period of my life. I was really angry. Using my art is one of the best ways to process my emotions.
I have been working with clay for more than 30 years and find it a great medium because it gives me the possibility to change the work during the process.
This work was built up hollow with slabs and adding pieces of soft clay. Before firing I painted the surface with terrasigilata.
Stoneware fired at 1260 ℃. Dimensions 38 x 37 x 33 cm

Desilusíon vooraanzicht
Desilusíon zij aanzicht
Desilusíon achter aanzicht
Desilusíon detaille


Many times, life doesn´t turn out the way wanted it to be. Sometimes it is better than we expected it but other times we get disappointed. Disillusion is a description of those moments I lost hope on reaching what I was longing for.
This sculpture was built up hollow with slabs and adding pieces of soft stoneware clay.
Before putting it in the kiln it was completed with terrasigilata and fired at 1260 ℃. 
This work has participated in CERCO ceramic contest, in Zaragoza in 2019
Dimensions 30 x 46 x 26 cm



Frustration is expressing the feeling of being stuck. The more you try to get out the more you entangle yourself. A stupid action likewise this sculpture.
Hand modeled stoneware fired at 1260 ℃. Dimensions 26 x 21 x 20 cm

roulade 4
Roulade (1)
Roulade (2)
Roulade (3)


With Roulade I was looking for surface tension in a voluptuous form.
this work has participated in 2019 at the XXII ceramic contest in Valladolid, Spain.
Hand build with stoneware, fired at 1260 ℃. Dimensions 30 x 33 x 33 cm

Big balloon

Balloons inspire me a lot. I find it fascinating how a small piece of latex grows and grows just by blowing air in it. In Amsterdam I found a shop which sold balloons in all sizes and colors. This sculpture was casted in a mold which I made from one of the big balloons I bought. It took more than 100 liters of casting clay and I had to invent a special way to empty the mold.
I glassed it the color of an egg since it reminded me a lot of an enormous egg.
Earthenware. Fired at 1060℃.  Dimensions 65 x 75 x 65 cm

White object

Hand modeled model of which I made a mold. From this mold I casted this sculpture and glazed it in a white shiny glaze.
Casted earthenware fired at 1060 ℃.


Two tubes twisting around each other, opening up themself. Curling like climbing plants.
I like to make sculptures which have an erotic sensation. Some more obvious than others, the pink glaze in this case was an extra step to pronounce the femininity of Duo
This work was made out of hollow strings pressed out of an extruder and remodeled by hand. After the biscuit firing it was glassed and refired up to 1260℃
Stoneware. Dimensions 15 x 21 x 20 cm

Balloon with hands

3 bollen voor aanzicht
3 bollen zij aanzicht
3 bollen detalle

3 Bollen

4 cuadros. jpg
4 cuadros relieve.jpg
4 cuadros  detaile. jpg

4 Squares


vagina achter


floating feet (3)
floating feet (9)
floating feet (1)
floating feet (4)

Floating feet