When a clients comes to ask me for a special job it is challenging to explain them the possibilities and to really get their idea.
In the studio I have a lot of samples of different glazes and types of clay. Sometimes a drawing or a computer design will be made before starting the ceramic process. 

The next pictures show some of the many commissions I have realized

casa rural muur  650
hotel rural 650

Tiles for tourism

In Castilla Leon owners of tourist cottage or hotels are obliged to put a tile with a logotype on the wall. The drawing and the colors of this tile are standard. To give them a small personal touch I make them with a relief.
The tiles are made out of stoneware clay and firred at 1260 degrees. They will withstand the strong winters of this part of Spain.
Other provinces or for other types of apartments the owner sometimes needs a different model.
Besides making ceramic tiles I carry out tiles made out of perspex with vinyl.
I have send tiles all over Spain.

Plaza de la iglesia

Together with the mayor of La Losa I designed a special tile for a special square.
The tile is made out of stoneware clay to protect the tile from frost.  
The letters are pressed in with a mold made with a CNC cutter and colored with glaze. 

Fes 650
fes (2) 650


For many years I have been realizing trophies for several companies and institutions. This trophy for FES (Federación Empresarial Segoviana) was mainly made out of earthenware and partly glazed. For the name plates we decided to use stainless steel and engrave the text with laser.

claret 650.jpg
otones 650