In my work it is difficult to divide art and design. I consider design a way of creating useful artistic objects. But what if the aspect or the concept of art overrules the practical useful side of an object? Does it then pertain to arts or design? 
I decided to let myself get inspired by both and mix them. 

8 communicerende vaasjes j
communicerende vaasjes
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Communicerende vaasjes


Eight small vases having a conversation. I made this piece when I was living in a commune.  It expresses my feelings about the influence of my roommates.

Every member shows his or her emotional state of that day.

This sculpture is made out of 4 different casting molds. The molds were made out of 4 different handmade sculptures. After being casted in chine clay and stoneware the pieces were glazed and fired up to 1260 ℃. In 2005 the sculpture participated in the II Bienal Internacional de Cerámica in Talavera, Spain.

Dimension four or eight vases approximately 17 x 5 x 5 cm.


Wijnbeker, beker, eierschaal

Hangop I&II