Teaching is a great way to be with people and I really enjoy to pass on the knowledge I have gathered during the many years I have been working with ceramics.

I like to ideate which way and technics will be the best for each target group. 
My students vary from 3 to 87 year old.  I have worked with people with special needs; physically or mental. This is extremely beautiful and satisfying. 

Teaching is epochal, my students learn from me but I also learn from them. 
Besides propagating upcoming events on this website I made a diffusion list by WhatsApp or email. Feel free to sign up. 

Personalized workshops 

Would you like to have a special day with friends, or family? How about celebrating a birthday party in a different way? Just get in contact to tell me and together we will invent a great day. 

I have organized workshop for one and a half hour for families with young children and workshops which lasted the whole day including a lunch. The workshop can be given at my studio, in the studio of the crafts asociacion in Segovia or on your location.


The cost of a workshop depends on the request. 

Let´s talk about the possibilities

Classes for children

It is wonderful to see how much children enjoy working with clay and the surprises on their faces when the soft clay comes out of the kiln hard as stone. After firing the clay, we will paint it or, with the older children, I will glaze it.

Once the work has been finished the children may take their work home. I give classes to children from 3 to 18 years old. The classes for the children from 7 years and older will be mainly in English. During the school holidays there will be no classes.
The classes are given at my studio and in Segovia, in the studio of the crafts association. I could also come to your location.

To sign up? Please contact.

Classes for adults

A few times a week I open my studio for adults of all ages. The first few classes I will give a general explanation about the studio, the possibilities and the basics of ceramics. 
The idea is that every adult starts their own project meanwhile we will learn from each other. 
You can  work with slabs, strings, hand model, molds, the potter´s wheel, different decorating and glazing techniques. 
For more information, please contact. 

For more information.

Please contact.